Our Mission

To protect the economic and social benefits of its members.

To provide self-confidence between natural person and legal identity which deal with pesticides industry.

To organize conference and panels on using pesticides safely and economically.

To increase the awareness of the importance of pesticide usage and its contribution to national economy.  

To highlight the importance of Turkish Pesticides Industry to the farmers and all related people.

To represent the Turkish Pesticides Industry effectively internally and externally.

To cooperate with the similar associations of Pesticides Manufacturers, importers an agents in the World.

To ensure safe pesticide usage among the TİSİT’s members and farmers.

To build a bridge between our members and the manufacturers in other developed countries.   

To promote new technology investments for manufacturing pesticides formulations and pesticide active ingredients in the Turkish Pesticides industry.

To support the pesticide sector in establishing competitive and productive working environment.

To increase the awareness of public about the food safety and food security.