İmportant definitions

Pesticide Residue: The amount of residual products (active materials, metabolites, etc.)  that were left on the plant, product, water or land after the usage of plant protection products.

NOEL:The dosage of the active material of a pesticide which shows no side effect in the experiments and defined as mg/kg.

ADI:It is the amount of material that can be taken daily with the normal foods in normal conditions. It is calculated according to weight of the person. So we can say that ADI = NOEL/100 and it is defined as mg/kg or ppm. 

MRL:The amount of pesticide residue which is allowed for presence on the foods. It is defined according to ADI values. It is defined as mg/kg or ppm.

Precedent Chemical: The chemical having the same active material in the same ratio and formulations type with the original chemical. 

Precedent PPP is the assurance of the independence and competitiveness in Turkish Food Industry.