Registration of Plant Protection Products (PPPs)

Plant Protection Products (PPPs) are registered according to the regulation on PPPs  ; 27885/25.03.2011 in TURKEY.

Registration Procedüre /Registiration requirements of PPPs

1. According to the above regulation, applicants, first off all,  must receive the certificate showing their commercial activity in Pesticides Industry from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestoc. 

Certificate requirements are given belove;

a)      Contact information

b)      Comercial Registry Gazette showing that the activities in plant pretection industry.

c)      Authorized signature list

d)      The document which can be received from the Social Insurance Institution indicating the employment of minimum one agricultural engineer or chemist who is responsible from pesticides registiration

e)      Writen engagament document (or contract)

f)       Tax chart

g)      The document which can be received from the Ministry of Finance showing that there are minimum three offices in different geographic regions of Turkey.

2. Certificated applicants  should prapare the dossier of  the PPPs and aply to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestoc for registration.  In TURKEY, Plant Protection Products are registered according to the types of pesticide formulations

There are 3 types of registration procedures according to the regulation on PPP;27885/ 25.03.2011.

First oneis the registration of new active ingredients in the formulation. In this registration type the applicants should prepare the documentation including all toxicological and biological data related to the human and environmental health and also residual information on food.  The applicants must also make at least two biological trials in the plants in two different geographical region in TURKEY and must provide all the documentation to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for the registration.

Second oneis adding new pest (insect, disease or weed) to the label of previously registered PPP. The applicants must made two biological trials at plant in the two different geographical region of Turkey.

Third oneis the “Precedent Registration of PPP”. Precedent PPP must have the same formulation type and the same percentage of the same active ingredients. Moreover it should have the same biological effect to the same pests with original PPP registered before. The Pesticide’s active ingredient which is going to be used in precedent PPP should not be under Patent. This registration procedure is called “Precedent Registration of PPP”.

There isn’t much difference between the products that were undergone the first and third registration types in terms of biological, chemical and physical properties and also the residues in or on plant.



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