TİSİT History at a Glance

TİSİT has been established by the pesticides manufacturers, importers and agents in İstanbul in 1985. TİSİT is the most powerful and oldest civil associations in the Turkish Pesticides Industry. TİSİT together with the Ministry of Agriculture support the Turkish Agricultural Sector and Agrochemical Industry by preparing documents and educating the farmers and the retailers.  In addition to that TİSİT organizes conferences and seminars for the people who work in this sector for more than 30 years. TİSİT has a very crucial role in bringing the industry to a level that they can produce pesticides in line with the international guidelines. TİSİT has an important role in all aspects of technical improvements in the market.

Turkish Pesticides Industry has seen two crises in the last 30 years. The first one occurred in the middle of 1980 and the second one was between of 2007-2010.

In the beginning of the 1980, many active ingredients in pesticides has been banned being used in the agriculture because of harmful effects on environment and human health such as organic chlorine pesticides (DDT, Aldrin, dieldrin etc.). Turkish Government has also banned all the pesticides having those ingredients which were banned in all over the world. Members of TİSİT and Turkish pesticides industry has been badly affected from this ban. But TİSİT, as a part of agricultural sector, support all the divisions of the Government related with those ingredients. This period was a painful period for TİSİT members and the young TİSİT. But TİSİT has preferred to support the government decision since health factors would come first.  

Second test period for TİSİT and its Members has been occurred during EU harmonization process of Turkey between2007-2010. Ministry Of Agriculture don’t approved many active ingredients (181) used in pesticides because of not being in line with the EU guidelines. Government has cancelled all the registration of Plant Protection Products (PPP) including these 181 active ingredients and prohibited them from import. This period was much painful than the one in the past. In this period TİSİT supported the government decision related with the harmful ingredients for human health, food and environmental safety. However TİSİT made the necessary warning to the Ministry about some Pesticides having some of those 181 active ingredients withdrawn from the market since the effect of these ingredients to the human and environmental health was not proved.

Today, TİSİT’s members are the %85-90 percentage of the Turkish Pesticides Market. So, TİSİT is still the strongest civil organization in the Turkish Pesticides Industry.



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